Monday, February 21, 2011

Long time, no time to write!

I know, I know-- it's been since November.. But, I don't know who I was fooling when I thought that I would ACTUALLY have time to write as often as I was, since my little lady has become mobile I have anything less than time to myself..

Don't get me wrong, I do a lot.. I chase her around the house, I plan birthday parties, I make breakfast, lunch and dinner that's cut into tiny-little bits, I pureed food, I breastfeed, I do laundry, I drive from playdate to playdate, I teach, I dance, I sing, I rock, and I cuddle, and this is all often before 345pm.

I also often eat on the run, wear dirty clothes, have to think when the last time I showered or washed my hair is, wear over or undersized clothes, only put makeup on to cover the under eye circles, and have perfected sleeping with my eyes open.

I also get my workouts dancing with my little lady, get my laughs watching her do new things and giggling when being tickled, get a full days worth of kisses in the first ten minutes I am awake in the morning, have a new found love for apple juice, little bits of fruit and cheerios, and realized that watching my husband jump around making monkey noises making his two girls laugh hysterically is often the best part of my day.

I am trying to enjoy each and every second of these stressful, amazing, and often 'fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants' moments, because as clich├ęd as it is the time really does fly by....