Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to nourish the mind and body of a busy one year old (if I can catch her!)

I've been honestly working on this post for a month. It was supposed to be this amazing post about how amazing and incredible the past year with my daughter has been...

All sunshine and rainbows, peaches and cream, and all the lovey-dovey mommy stuff that dreams are made of! And it's true, my eyes teared, my heart ached, and my hormones kicked into overdrive about the fact that my little baby girl was turning a year old. And while I had the best intentions to write an amazing homage to her first year and how incredible it was for me, and I hope her, I just haven't had a minute... But while I lie awake at night, and have any moments of clarity and non-mommy brain fogginess, I think about how I can keep her safe and healthy..

I love to cook, and I love to watch my daughter eat what I cook, and I love to make things healthy and delicious...I am going to try my hand at blogging about what I cook for her, how she reacts and what she likes and dislikes... All of this as long as I can get her to sit down long enough to eat it, because I am sure as any other mother of a grasing toddler can attest, it's hard to coax them to sit down long enough to make sure they are eating anything at all, never mind all of the healthy things you'd like them to.

Anyone who has any questions about recipes, instructions, why I chose certain things, etc feel free to contact me.. Also, I love love love recipes and advice, so hit me up!

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